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Portable WI FI Smart Net Camera is suitable for home or office use. The wireless device rotates 360 degrees, has a recording function, USB input for a flash drive, suitable for Android and IOS, cuts off harmful infrared rays. Management is carried out using Two way intercom Smart cloud.

This is a simple budget solution that allows you to be aware of everything that happens at home or in the office, while being outside. The camera transmits picture and sound to the user's smartphone or tablet via the Internet, allowing real-time viewing. It is possible to record with sound on a pre-installed memory card in microSD format up to 32 GB.

In addition to recording movies, you can capture individual photos. If necessary, you can configure the receipt of alarm messages on your smartphone. Talking to the camera is provided by built-in speakers.

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Stylish mini-camcorder MD80 Mini DV DVRwill be useful for tourists, extreme people, fans of filming hidden cameras. The device is conveniently attached to clothing with a special clip or worn around the neck, providing freedom and comfort of movement. It

also functions as a webcam and can be used as a DVR. There is an automatic turn-on function from any noise. The recording can be viewed on any device via USB.

The charge of the built-in battery lasts for 2 hours of continuous operation. Together with a miniature gadget, the kit includes a clip-holder, a silicone case, and a USB cable.

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Sports HD DV SQ 11 Mini Camera is equipped with a motion sensor, invisible infrared night light, 360-degree rotating arm, space-saving storage loop recording function.

Six bright LEDs and a viewing angle of 120 degrees provide shooting at a distance of up to 5 m in absolute darkness. The camera can take high-quality photos 4032x3024 and video with a resolution of 1920x1080, 1280x720. Use during recharging is available, which makes it possible to extend autonomous operation tenfold.

A charged camera lasts 2-3 hours or 100 minutes in continuous recording mode.

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The Sport Cam HD 1080P action camera is a real find for people who are fond of outdoor activities and extreme sports. The device is an affordable alternative to an expensive sports camera and allows you to play sports while saving video. To play the captured video on a smartphone or tablet, you need to add an application - any video player that supports playback of files of the required format. (recording underwater at a depth of up to 30 m), wide-angle lens with high image quality, light weight and compact size. The current date and time are displayed on the video, which allows you to remember where and when the video was filmed. There are auto screen and camera functions, image stabilizer, loop recording for 10, 5 and 3 minutes, built-in microphone. Motion recording allows you to use the device as a DVR and for home video surveillance. When connected to a PC, it is possible to work in webcam mode.

The package includes: action camera, waterproof box, frame mount, protective frame, USB cable, battery, a set of adapters, straps and holders. Maximum memory card is 32 GB (not included).



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Mini Camcorder Y2000 with excellent quality of pictures and recordings will allow you to quickly deal with any of the emergency situations that often occur on the road. The accessory can be charged from any gadget (laptop, computer, power bank, etc.). The device records color audio AVI video at a frequency of 30 frames / sec with a resolution of 640x480 and performs JPG photography at 1280x720 without installing additional drivers and programs.
The device is controlled by the button, located on the body. To turn on the camera, the button must be held down for a few seconds. To take photos, the button is pressed once, for video, it is held for 2 seconds. Before use, you can insert a Micro SD or TF card up to 32 GB to store files.
Battery life is enough for many hours of recording. Windows, Linux, Mac os operating systems are used to view and copy photo and video materials. The body of the camcorder is made of high-strength plastic.

  • Size: 14 x 11 x 4.5 cm;
  • Camera size: 2.4 x 2.5 x 2.7 cm;
  • Camera : 2 MP;
  • Photo resolution: JPEG 1280 x 720;
  • Video resolution: AVI 640 x 480;
  • Memory capacity: up to 32 GB;
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer;
  • Power: Mini 8 Pin USB.
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WIFI Smart Camera Outdoor Surveillance IP Camerarecords clear images in 1080p resolution in any weather: rainy and sunny, day and night, at temperatures from -30°С to +55°С. With the onset of darkness, the device switches to night vision mode. Reliable protection against atmospheric influences is guaranteed by the IP66 waterproof rating assigned to the product. The body is made of high quality ABS plastic. The viewing angle varies from 60 to 120 degrees.

Video is recorded on a Micro SD card with a capacity of up to 64 GB. It has WiFi connectivity, smart auto-tracking, infrared light, motion detection, microphone, speaker, alarm, and more. other



  • Type: outdoor surveillance camera; 
  • Operating temperature: -30°С to +55°С; 
  • Degree of protection: IP66; 
  • < li>Rotation: vertical 0° to 95°, horizontal 0 to 350°; 
  • Record quality: 1920x1080; 
  • Lens: 2.8mm -12 mm; 
  • Digital zoom: 4x; 
  • Viewing angle: 60-120 °; 
  • Illumination: 4 IR diodes ; 
  • Range: up to 30m 0.01LUX (night), 0.1Lux (day); 
  • Connections: WiFi and wired network RJ-45 10/100Mb; 
  • Smart auto-tracking: yes; 
  • Preset position support: yes; 
  • Night vision mode: yes; 
  • Infrared illumination: yes; 
  • Day and night mode: auto switching; 
  • Motion detection: yes; 
  • Microphone: yes; 
  • Speaker: yes; 
  • Video recording to Micro SD Card up to 64 GB; 
  • Alarm notification: send photo to email, save photo and video to Micro SD card, upload photo and video to ftp server, push alarm to phone;  
  • Memory card slot: MicroSD up to 64 GB (not included); 
  • Material: plastic; 
  • Color: white; 
  • Camera dimensions: 10x10x16 cm

Complete set: video camera, power adapter, fasteners, instructions, box.

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Q9 Mini DVR Camera with WI-FIprovides video surveillance in your home or office from anywhere in the world. In addition to transferring images in HD 1280x720 quality, the device can record video and photo materials on a smartphone or on a MicroSD card both on a schedule and in a continuous mode. There is a night recording function. The footage is stored in the cloud. The viewing angle of the mini camera of 72 degrees provides convenient monitoring of the territory adjacent to the installation site of the device.

The kit includes: bracket, USB cable, belt clip.


  • Type: mini video camera;
  • Model: Q9;
  • Resolution for viewing: 1280x720;
  • Video recording time: up to 2 hours;
  • Viewing angle: 72°;
  • Battery capacity: 300 mAh;
  • < li>Recording mode while charging: yes
  • Voice recorder mode for audio recording: yes;
  • Night recording mode: yes;
  • Date and time of recording: fixed ;
  • Memory card support: Micro SD up to 32 GB;
  • Case material: plastic;
  • Weight: 30 g;
  • Dimensions camera: 46x22x15 mm;
  • Package size: 11x8.5x6 cm;

Included items: camera, bracket, belt clip, USB cable, manual, box.

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  • Power:  from 5V 2A adapter
  • Memory card support: up to 64GB
  • < li>Size: 11cm x 8cm
  • Weight: 950 gr
  • Resolution:  720P at 25 fps.
  • Built-in card reader: yes
  • Night shooting distance: 25 m
  • Maximum operating temperature: 55 degrees
  • li>
  • Max focal length: 2.8mm
  • Video bit rate: 100Mbps


  • Motion sensor included
  • Materials can be stored on a memory card up to 64 GB
  • The camera is equipped with a controllable pan

Complete set: Instruction - 1 pc.; CCTV camera - 1 piece

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IP camera Wall Lamp Camera will provide video surveillance and at the same time allow you to illuminate the entrance to the house or illuminate it around the perimeter. When moving in the installation area of the device, a special sensor is activated that turns on the light. The video camera performs the function of recording everything that happens in the lighting area. The device can record video in high quality at night and daytime.

The IP camera can work separately or be built into the smart home system. You can manage it and control what is happening online remotely from a smartphone synchronized with the camera. Information is transmitted via Wi-Fi. When a person appears in the field of view of the camera, a signal is sent to the smartphone.

The plastic waterproof case allows you to install the Wall Lamp Camera not only indoors, but also outdoors.


  • Body material: ABS plastic
  • Size: 88 x 76.18 x 128 mm / 3.5 x 3 x 5 inches
  • Sensor resolution: 1920 x 1080P
  • Pixels: 200W, 400W
  • Lens: F3.6mm
  • Viewing angle: 100°< /li>
  • Video encoding: H.265 / 20FPS, AVI
  • Minimum illumination: 0.01 lux
  • 3D noise reduction
  • LED: 32 white light + 16 infrared light
  • Night version Distance: 5-10m (different from the environment)
  • Internet: WIFI (IEEE802.11b/g/n)
  • < li>RJ45 interface: 10Mbps / 100Mbps adaptive
  • Audio Built-in microphone and speaker, real-time two-way audio support, ADPCM audio compression standard, self-adaptive stream
  • Network protocol: TC P/IP UDP; RTSP; HTTP; DDNS; DHCP FTP NTP
  • Storage support: TF Card (max 128G), cloud storage
  • Power: 5V / 1.6A
  • Working environment Operating temperature: -10 ? ~ + 50 ?
  • Operating humidity: <=95% RH


  • 1 x IP Camera
  • 1 x Bolt Pack
  • 1 x Power Cord
  • 1 x User Manual

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The 360 Wi Fi Cloud Cameracan take on the functions of several such devices at once, as it has an unprecedented viewing angle: 360 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically. The device is easily controlled by an application installed on a smartphone: just swipe your finger across the mobile screen in the direction of the desired rotation. There is a convenient opportunity to assess the environment and, if necessary, leave a voice message on the device. 

Other advantages of the gadget: compact size, Internet connection via Wi Fi, built-in motion sensors, use as a baby monitor for baby rooms, effective monitoring of office and private spaces.



  • Type devices: mini camera
  • Dimensions: 105 x 68 mm
  • Device antenna length: 88 mm
  • Wi-Fi connection: +
  • Material: plastic, electronic component
  • Swivel: 360 degrees
  • Video quality: 1080 P (Full-HD)
  • Microphone: +</ li>
  • OS support: Android
  • Night vision distance: up to 5 m
  • Computer connection: possible
  • Motion detection: +
  • Scheduled recording: yes
  • Video compression: H.264
  • Operating temperatures: -45 ? - + 55 ?
  • Camera lens size: 3.6 mm
  • SD card: max. 128 GB
  • Total weight: 400 g
  • Net weight: 200 g
  • Included: power supply, cable, USB, manual
  • Packing: box
  • Country of origin: China
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Dummy outdoor camera Solar Simulation Small Wall Lamp 60W is a practical and functional gadget that is best suited for the entrance of an apartment building, a private dwelling, a garage. The built-in sensor will react automatically, recording motor activity at a distance of 3-6 m.

The dummy does not need to be connected to electricity - recharging is done from a solar battery, after which the device will work for 8 hours. Installation is simple and does not require much effort. The advantages of the device also include three operating modes, an adjustable illumination angle, a waterproof case, an indicator that simulates the switched on camera, etc.


  • Item type: camera dummy light
  • Installation location: outdoor
  • Mode: 877A, 877B, 977T
  • Solar battery specification: 5.5V 1.87 W Max
  • Number of LEDs: 77
  • Operating modes: 3
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Built-in battery: 3.7V
  • Battery capacity: 4800 mAh
  • Water resistance: IP65 class
  • Motion sensor: yes
  • Sensor range: 3-5 m< /li>
  • Illumination angle: 120 degrees
  • Recharging time: 8 hours

Included items:

  • Outdoor Camera Simulation Solar Simulation Small Wall Lamp 60W
  • Solar Panel
  • Mounting Kit
  • Packing: box
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Wifi Panorama Camera with automatic sound and motion tracking, alarm, day and night vision is a useful smart device that will keep your apartment, house, office, cottage safe. 360 degree panoramic surveillance (90 degree vertical tilt) at a distance of up to 15 m.

The device supports a 128GB TF Max memory card. Thanks to P2P technology, you can watch Full-HD quality videos through an application on a smartphone or tablet with Android and iOS. Install the TuyaSmart/Smart Life app and connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network. There is a possibility of two-way conversation in real time.


  • Type: IP camera; 
  • Resolution : 1080P(Full-HD); 
  • Lens: 3.6mm; 
  • Sensor: CMOS; 
  • Megapixels: 2 MP ; 
  • Minimum illumination: 0.1 lux; 
  • Night mode: IR night vision + LED full color; 
  • Viewing angle: 360 ° (level)/90 ° (vertical); 
  • Working distance: up to 15 m; 
  • Supported mobile systems: Android and iOS; 
  • Support two-way audio conversation: yes; 
  • Support wireless WIFI connection: yes; 
  • Video compression format: H.264; 
  • Power supply: 220V; 
  • Socket: E27; 
  • TF card: up to 128G (not included); 
  • Waterproof: IP66; 
  • Color: white; 
  • Size: 105x68 mm; 
  • Weight: 290 g;

Set Application: ip camera, E27 cartridge, installation kit instructions.

Packing: box.


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A9 Wireless Mini IP Wi-Fi HD Cameraeasy to install and easy to use. The magnetic case allows installation on any metal surface. The small size makes the device invisible to prying eyes. The large viewing angle provides a wide range of visibility.

Thanks to night vision, the camera can shoot in low light levels. The motion detector will start recording when it detects people and animals in the room. Connection to WiFi is carried out by supporting the application on devices with Android/iOS.

The camera is connected to the mains via a 5V power supply or is charged from a powerbank. Autonomy of more than 2 hours is provided by a built-in battery.


  • Material: plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Type: Camcorder
  • Max. video resolution: 1920x1080 Full HD
  • Dimensions: 4.3*4.3*2.5 cm 

Features and functions:< /b>

  • Recording range: 5m2 
  • Resolution: USB mouse and keyboard support; 
  • Power: 240MA/3.7 V 
  • Number of frames: 30 Storage temperature: -20-80C 
  • Video format: ASF 
  • Operating temperature: -10-60C 
  • Viewing angle: 150 degrees 
  • Operating humidity: 15-85% RH 
  • Motion detection camera distance: 6 meters in a straight line
  • Broadcasting software: vlcplaver/SMPlayer 
  • Minimum illumination: 1LUX 
  • Memory card type: TF card 8G 16G 32G 64G
  • Duration recording time: 1 hour or more 
  • Computer operating system: Windows/Mac OS X 
  • Compression format: H.264
  • Mobile phone Operating system: Android/IOS

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100% quality guarantee
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