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Portable WI FI Smart Net Camera is suitable for home or office use. The wireless device rotates 360 degrees, has a recording function, USB input for a flash drive, suitable for Android and IOS, cuts off harmful infrared rays. Management is carried out using Two way intercom Smart cloud.

This is a simple budget solution that allows you to be aware of everything that happens at home or in the office, while being outside. The camera transmits picture and sound to the user's smartphone or tablet via the Internet, allowing real-time viewing. It is possible to record with sound on a pre-installed memory card in microSD format up to 32 GB.

In addition to recording movies, you can capture individual photos. If necessary, you can configure the receipt of alarm messages on your smartphone. Talking to the camera is provided by built-in speakers.

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26 cm foldable LED ring lamp suitable for make-up artists, cosmetologists, bloggers, photo and video enthusiasts. The stylish accessory is made of high quality materials and has excellent technical characteristics. It will become an indispensable companion for on-call specialists - the foldable device is convenient to take with you. 

The lamp can change the brightness of the light, for this a smooth adjustment is provided. Light modes: warm yellow and natural white. A source of additional lighting will help solve the problem of insufficient light, take clear photos and videos without color distortion and penumbra. 

Powered via USB cable from any source.



  • Power: 5-22 W
  • Lamp color temperature : 3500-6000K
  • Power supply: USB 5V/1A power supply
  • Charging cable length: 2m
  • Number of LEDs: 128pcs
  • Power supply: USB port
  • Color temperature: 3200-5600K
  • Ring outer diameter: 26cm
  • Phone holder width: 5.8- 8.5 cm
  • Height: 52 cm - 1.7 m
  • Stand height: 165 cm
  • Lamp weight: 963 g
  • Material: ABS


LED ring light suitable for:

  • Stylists and make-up artists
  • Manicurists and pedicurists
  • Leshmasters
  • Tattoo artists
  • Bloggers and vloggers
  • Photographers and videographers


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Modern gadgets are expensive and therefore attract the attention of thieves. Anti-theft lock for the phone will be needed for people who regularly travel in public transport, often in public places. It will help you avoid being a victim of theft and save you from spending money on buying a new phone.

The special magnetic design of the device consists of two parts. One half is attached to the pocket of trousers or bag, the second - on the back of the phone. An attacker will not be able to quietly pull out the gadget - he will pull the entire pocket with him. The advantages of such protection include ease of use, 100% reliability and affordable price for everyone.

Package size - 15*8 *3 cm 
Lock diameter - 4.2 cm 
Manufactured in China. 

100% quality guarantee
100% quality guarantee
14 days for return
14 days for return
Nationwide delivery
Nationwide delivery